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Authorized and Compliant

Mobile Home Repair Guys is an authorized service center for the majority of the popular brands and thus there is no worry at all when we are handling your gadget. The authorization has been as a result of being reliable and being able to provide quality services. As a matter of fact the majority of them are on an invitational bases and we are happy to have landed to such milestones. Our commitment to you is to continue with the trend. At the same time we are compliant with the numerous statutory regulations that govern the industry.


Best Quality

At the core of our principles, we place quality as the number one. This has over time made Mobile Home Repair Guys be the preferred service center for mobile repair and other related services. This is achieved by the fact that we have the most state of art facility equipped with all the latest diagnostic machinery. This enables us to go to the exact point in time. At the same time our team of technicians are qualified and experienced to handle your devices. Give us a call on 800-356-1080 and learn more about our services.


Low Priced

Despite the fact that Mobile Home Repair Guys offers the best quality services, we have made our policy to be low priced to enable more people have access to the repair service rather than the common habit of dumping it. To learn more on our prices, you can always give us a call on 800-356-1080 where our representatives will be in a position to give you a quotation on the price that we are offering for the repair or for any other query you may be having.

Give us a call on 800-356-1080 to start enjoying quality without compromise.

Why use Mobile Home Repair Guys

There are lots of benefits that make us the most ideal choice when it comes to mobile phone repair. In most cases, the factors you as a customer should consider when picking a repair service provider are quality, convenience, reputation from previous client as well as cost. On the bright side, Mobile Home Repair Guys, is more than qualified in all these factor which as a matter of fact we have a five star rating. We also have an excellent customer support through 800-356-1080.

Free Quotation and Advice

When planning to make a mobile phone repair and don’t have an estimate cost, you can always request one from us at no cost. This should help you when it comes to planning and determining whether or not it is worth to proceed. At the same time, this is an indication that we are confident with the prices that we offer. You will also benefit from free advice and expert opinion from our team whenever you are using our services.

Safety Guaranteed Mobile Repair Services

Like all electronic devices, the safety of the users is always essential. We are aware of this and we all that is necessary besides being compliant with the safety standards to ensure that your mobile phone is safe for use. This makes Mobile Home Repair Guys stand out as a superior service provider.

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